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Some comments have been completely naive and without any research whatsoever, saying this is a fake. But it isn't BY Van Gogh. It is OF Van Gogh. The artist who drew this wonderful portrait, his close neighbour, Jeanne Donnadieu has been, up to now, lost in the mists of time. What a shame since at that time she would have been considered as being far more skilled than Vincent. She did not need to be faked. Her works are few and worth little in comparison to Vincent's. The labels are authentic and there was nothing to mislead anyone. People that are sying this looks like a print and that it has too many coincidences need to go and look at it for real. It is the real deal, from the right time and place. One would struggle to imagine that the artist popped round another corner and found someone else who looked like that and had the same habits and belongings. This was meant to be. This is Vincent. Check it out. Speculations must come after research. Who wants to accept comments of people who have not even seen the picture? This is one picture that is worth seeing!



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