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That is so funny .. FB is so "particular" .. no sense of humor

Nyc Labretš

When I lived in Silicon Valley in the late 1990s I labeled these uptight Puritan Prüdes as being:

The New Victorians

The FB Mob, as well as the entire rest of the Web 2.0 Gang, including Mister Steve 'Freedom From PrÖn' Jobs of Apple has that same mentality...


So glad I'm not in my 20s.

I really feel like the sad silent old man sitting in the Beer Garden at the 1:39 Mark in this scene from Cabaret here http://youtu.be/bs5bnVoZK4Q?t=1m40s witnessing the sad spectacle of the virulent fever and frenzy completely sweeping through and overcoming the crowd.

I think, if things keep going the way they are, just like the Germans back then, we won't be able to control them either, once they get past a certain point.

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