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There was a rumor in the summer of 2009 in England that up to 20,000 problem families were going to be put under 24 hour a day CCTV video surveillance in their private homes that were dubbed "Sin Bins" by the droll and cheeky British tabloid press: http://tinyurl.com/685onlp

As far as I can tell it wasn't implemented, but it's really only a matter of time until we hear someone else here in the US come up with taking it past keeping a vigilant video eye on our 21st Century Hoovervilles from a distance and putting them in the tents themselves.

cameras in parks

Statistics show that the reverse is true. New Hampshire residents should seek to preserve their racial identity, if we want future generations to have the opportunity to live in such a state.It great moment has come for the whites in New Hampshire and across the country take a stand.

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