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Scott Bowers

The middle class is being destroyed by liberal policies. The attempt to equalize incomes leads to stifle the incentive of the productive to produce that incentive is self improvement. I do not work 12 hrs a day so some loser on welfare can live a better life or so some government bureaucrat slacker can get another bloated salary increase they do not deserve. Manufacturing jobs are leaving the country because the government charges 39% income tax on corporate profits while China charges 0%. Despite the fact that the US workforce is much more productive per man hour worked it is impossible to overcome the 39% difference in taxes. It is about time to wake up and smell the garbage, every social program the government runs is bankrupt. Using the CBO's own numbers by the year 2030 just Medicare, medicaid, and Social Security will run unfunded liabilities of 202 trillion dollars, there is not enough moneyb in the entire world for that. It is sad to see China and Europe become more capitalist than the US, as Europe learns socialism is unsustainable and as some of us in this county see the mountain of debt that has piled up caused by our own socialist mistakes (social security, medicare, welfare, The New Deal, The Great Society all failed programs)Our president is about to throw the last vestiges of freedom and independence under the bus of socialism. A bus that has a 500 year track record of Failure. And move us away from a system that created the most prosperous nation mankind has ever seen, simply by getting the morons of government out of the way of the productive citizens.

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