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Conservative core principles -
gives new meaning to the word principled doesn't it?
The principle that some folks shouldn't have to pay taxes or what?

Scott Wing

"Traditional notion of political impartiality for the court".... so, what about the judges who are members of Sierra Club, or for that matter - the ACLU?

And what about the judges who use the power of the bench to render decisions, not on what is in the Constitution, but rather, what the politics of the day seek?

Political impartiality? hmmphf... it's not that she's politically active, but who supports which scares the bejesus out of the left.



If Clarence Thomas gets a significant amount of income from his wife's group, that reflects a real conflict of interest. That's not the same thing as being a member of the NAR or ACLU.

Old Man Tex, where in the constitution does it say that corporations are people? If one examines the justices that overturn existing law with their rulings, the Right-Wing justices are the ones who are ruling from the bench. The idea that the liberal justices are doing that is a right-wing myth.

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