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It's alarming to me, but when I was a kid, we played with toy soldiers who were Roman Warriors. I'm sure they raped and killed during their conquests but so much time had passed that it didn't matter anymore. With everything speeded up in today's world, it's like ancient history to them. Would you take offense if they wore a t-shirt with Genghis Khan's portrait on it?

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Cool outfit girls. I love it. thanks for sharing this post.


Ally McLesbian

No surprise there, since many affluent Asians and Asian-Americans think they are whites, and do think of blacks and Hispanics as inferior.

In fact, America's teabaggers and white power movements are bankrolled and supported by Asians - Reverend Moon and Toyota being the most prominent.

Ally McLesbian

Never mind that all Asian languages are still ching-chong, and kimchi still smells like garbage...


There is a culture thing in this discussion that hasn't been mentioned.
The swastika actually originates in the far east. it's originally a symbol of peace in the buddhist culture and religion. I was surprised and shocked when I first arrived in Korea, seeing the symbol everywhere ... but these people were the original owners. To them, it doesn't have the same shock value to we westerners. Actually, to them, it is a symbol of peace that we westerners stole and made into something bad.
I'm british, but I have to realise that they brand me a westerner ... just as group all asians in the same group ... so I become one of the people who took their symbol and turned it into something evil.
It doesn't bother me here anymore. They don't have our history.
Their (the korean) history is one of torture at the hands of the Japanese, North Koreans and Chinese. Show them the images of Chairman Mao, North Korean newscasters or Japanese military uniforms and their passion will rise.
The situation needs understanding from all of us ... not judgement.


I think you're right and I understand the Navahos or maybe some other US native American group uses it but it's reversed for direction. & there is speculation some native Americans originally came from Asia across the Bering Strait. Who knows .. could be ancient.

I'm sure the Nazis appropriated and cheapened alot of things. I think we are sometimes seeing that with the cross and the flag among some US right wingers.

Mary O'Brien

Hitler wasn't really that bad. The Holocaust is just a hoax. The Thai enthusiasm for European Nationalist-Socialism may be a way of poking fun at us Americans, so buried are we in non-stop agit-prop about the "poor, little 6 mil Jews." I suspect that Thais know quite a bit more about history than most Americans do.

Remember: Russian culture you can take or leave, German culture you can take or leave; any ethnic culture on earth you can take or leave ---- except Judaism, because if you criticize the Jewish agenda or their Israel for any reason, you are [OMG Horrors!!!] an anti-Semite. And, never mind that Semites are actually Arabs.


You are fucking kidding me.

Mary O'Brien

Please read about the so-called Holocaust. The forensics just don't exist. And, no credible papertrails support the killiing of six million Jews. Right after WW2, places like LA, TX and Chicago suddenly had huge Jewish populations, not to mention Israel.

The Nationalist-Socialists are not demonized for being socialists; but rather because they were nationalists. They believed in Germany for the Germans. So to control us, and try to prevent us from realizing that globalism just doesn't work, we are forced to listen to Holocaust propaganda in our schools and in our media. Otherwise, people would be protesting the huge taxes they pay to support uneducated immigrants and the loss of American jobs to other countries.


Nationalism is a cancer. AntiSemitism is pathetic and so is ultraconservative Zionism.

Peace is the goal.

Mary O'Brien

I am a nationalist. Face the facts: people need to have their own country, the same way that a family needs its own home. If the government were to take away your children, and replace them with someone else's children, you would be outraged --- not because you hate the other children, you might care for them too in a different way, but you need your own. Never in history has there ever been any example of successful multicultural state. When multiculturalism has existed, the state enforced it with an iron fist. So who needs it? To each his own. The foreigners can stay in their homelands, where no doubt they will make useful contributions. And, we can be content and live in safety & peace in our own country.


I am a global citizen. We are all human beings. Technology is making nationalism obsolete.

Mary O'Brien

No one is a global citizen. And nationalism will never be obsolete. Be honest with yourself. You read this article about the Thais & it never occurred to you that the young Thais were just making making fun of PC Americans and their hang-up on so-called "Nazis."

Read Mein Kampf, and you will be surprised that NS is just an ordinary political ideology. Why do you so trust foreigners? Because you have been brainwashed that all foreigners are innocent and harmless children.

Again, be honest: isn't having to engage with all these numberless ethnicities & all their "sensitivities" so boring? I envy my great grand-parents; they never had to deal with any nonwhites. Life must have been such bliss, and they never even counted being surrounded by people who were capable of understanding, trusting, respecting, and even loving them as one of God's chief blessings to those of us who live on earth.

Next, you will start accusing me of racism. However, the term "racist" as it is used in the US actually means a racial supremacist. Racial supremacy means having a mulitiracial society with one group on top, having more privileges and rights than any of the other groups. Israel is an excellent example.

However, I do not believe having a multi-racial society of any kind. It's just too much trouble, costs too much in terms of our freedom, not to mention the money we have to pay in taxes to support the other groups, and as I say, it's just an awful bore.

Also, all the other racial groups will be better off in their own national homelands, too. Separation is really for the benefit of everyone in the whole world. As I said before, it's like a family having its own house.

Maliakah Wahl

Mary O'Brien,
God be with you. I pray that He gives you true discernment.



fuckyou!!!!! the nazi desprediables beings
ustedes son asquerosos i hate you!


Notice that the one girl with the Nazi clothes also appears to be wearing those contact lenses that make your eyes look bigger and which are very dangerous for the vision.

I have a friend whose niece in Thailand has a peace sign shaved on one side of her head and a Nazi symbol on the other. She has no historical reference - just wants fashion and possibly shock value.

Alot of people need to learn history and perhaps visit Auschwitz - including neoNazis, ignorant fashion-crazy youth, global citizens and even the current government officials from all of the affected countries!! So many people seem to be forgetting that it's possible history could repeat itself - hopefully never again though.


Down with all hatred.


Mary O'brien. If your children were to Mary someone of a different race and procreate, to what nation do they belong?

Your black and white world is so naive and unrealistic. You sound like someone who would move to a rural place so you can live alone in your fear, but you should learn to enjoy diversity in food, language, and culture in general.

I wonder what makes people so rigid and reluctant to accept change?


I guess the mothers of the kids must be whores selling their cunts to the German sex tourists.

And the pictures testify the truth that Thai kids have very low IQ.


Cool fashion as I see

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