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Someone on Air America mentioned Joe's flip flop
ways on filibuster. It might have been Thom Hartmann.


So over 80% of democrats want Lieberman “punished” for his health care filibuster. Isn't America about tradition? Can we punish for some of congress' jokes but not others? In the meantime – get people involved and stay vigilante, America: TicTacDo


Shaming Joe won't change a thing. What needs to happen is what Joe originally wanted: that is re-establish Democracy by abolishing the filibuster once and for all.

The filibuster perpetuates a broken system. Having a filibuster is like having a foot of slop in a car's steering system. We all have a death grip on the wheel, hoping our nation will go in the right direction.

Even though the road leans to the right (and the ditch), steering to the left still won't bring the vehicle back to the center of the road. Trying to bring about any reform is like having to repave the road dead flat instead of simply and accurately going for what is the needed corrective action.

I think it is high time that we consider taking the so called "nuclear option" once and for all as a matter of principle. If the Democrats do it out of principle and they later lose the majority, I'd have to say so what. If poor legislation is passed by the opposition, corrective action should follow quickly in the next cycle. It's time to trust ourselves to do what is right.



Listening to Matthews, Schultz, Chuck Todd, et al at MSNBC lamenting Obama's slide to 47% today, it's hard not to be udlislisioned and come down on the Democrats. Most of the blame should be placed on Senate Democrats, however. I fear the Republicans may take back BOTH houses in the next election with all of this nay-saying, much of it coming now from Democrats. I don't even want to think about a possible McCain-Palin administration and where we would be right now if they had succeeded. I do think there has been too much time spent on healthcare to the point of burnout now. Americans are still MOST concerned about jobs and the economy and maybe this healthcare issue should have been pursued at another time. First things first! Obama wanted it NOW as he felt he had his most politcal capital during his first year but it seems now to be pulling him down instead. I feel the same way about gay marriage that the activists scream about wanting it RIGHT NOW! As a gay man, we've come a long way since Stonewall, and this is an issue for Obama's SECOND term if he ever gets one. There are ways gay couples can ensure they have many of the rights of marriage , however it will cost them more in lawyer fees than a cheap license at the courthouse. But it can be done.


Gay rights and universal healthcare need to happen some time and putting them off will just make some other wedge issue rise up.

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