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Nyc Labretš

Hey now, Honolulu is #27.

Do you really want to add fuel to the fire and feed the Birfer Conspiracists on that one?

Note that not only are 7 of the Top Ten most livable cities are in Europe, but also that German is spoken in all 7 of them.

One thing I'd fault the methodology on is that there seems to be a 1 to1 correlation between how expensive a city is and where it ranks on the list.

Berlin is way to cheaper to live in than Munich, but I don't think that sort of thing figures in with the Editorial Board of Business Week.


cost of living sometimes means higher pay too, since it's relative

US is slipping down toward 3rd world - you can see it in all the cheap plastic
for things that used to be metal, glass, wood (like "jewelry" for women)

El Salvador del Norte

The US *will* be a Third World country unless the PC crap stops when it comes to the far-right theocratic immigrants.

Los Angeles IS already a Third World theocracy. Sure, the Republicans may be whining about having to speak Spanish, but they are the biggest beneficiaries of all the theocratic crap blabbered in Spanish.

El Salvador del Norte

And as for Amsterdam ranking high up on the good cities list... what a crock of crap! I've never seen a more unlivable place than that, where Third World theocratic thugs can assault anyone at will.

And Hong Kong ranking lower than Los Angeles - that's a frigging joke too. Seoul ranking low - that makes more sense, because of the far-right Republican puppet government fucking up the democracy.

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