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While exposing Pailn's bus hoax, you might also expose the blogger hoax that she is flying around the country in a jet supplied by Franklin Graham. Between Roanoke, VA and Fayetteville, NC, two scheduled stops on her book tour, she took a detour to Asheville to meet Billy Graham. The Samaritan's Purse organization flew her on that detour (in a prop plane, no jet) from Roanoke to Asheville and then the next morning to Fayetteville to resume her book tour. That's it. The Samaritan's Purse plane was not a jet and did not ferry her all over the country for her book tour. The stuff you are repeating makes a great story for Palin-haters, but it's just not true.


Where do they get the flight log links then?


DiAnne, that's an old story that was disproved days ago, it's just that bloggers who love the story keep repeating it. Flight log links are fine, but only if you've got the right airplane, the right passenger, and the right owner. In this case, the bloggers got things mixed up, ran several facts together into a single narrative without checking carefully enough. Bloggers are sometimes on the cutting edge of a story, and sometimes they are way behind when they fall in love with the implications of a story and can't let go. Palin is certainly flying around the country on her book tour, so it's true that the bus tour thing is a gimmick. But she hasn't been flying all over the country in a jet supplied by Samaritan's Purse. That claim is a hoax. Her jet was apparently supplied by the book publisher.


A lot blogs, including some posted as recently as today, are showing a photo of Franklin Graham's propeller plane with captions or other text describing flight logs from a corporate Gulfstream jet. It's a totally different airplane with a totally different owner, but so what -- who cares about the facts, it spices up the story to claim that every airplane Sara gets into belongs to Franklin Graham.

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