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Sweetie, There is always Canada.


great comment .. I mean it!

John in Santa Fe

New Rule: when Democrats and other assorted liberals picket a conservative rally like this, we must all have fun and laugh a lot, and look a lot more inviting and warm than the sourpusses coming to see Beck. Of course we're serious about our cause, but the right response to these wackos is just what we learned in Footloose: when confronted by those with sticks up their holier than thou asses, it is ALWAYS best to dance.


most of them were old or looked like the virgins in Rocky Horror


Slugbug, great stuff. Some of your best yet.

Are the Glenn Beck fans saying they want to move to Canada because Obama is president? Aren't they worried about universal healthcare in Canada? Wouldn't some right wing South American Country fit their agenda better?

Ally McLesbian

Great photo album!

Agreed about South America rather than Canada, kayakbiker.


No that's Karen / DC - who actually DID move to Canada .. and encourages me to do the same!


I feel like I live in a schizophrenic state! One of the most liberal, yet fringed by utter locos!



Ogami Itto

My God! Puerto Rico is colonized by idiots.


Slugbug, once you join KarenDC in that Nova Scotia fishing town, you know I'm joining both of you too. :)

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