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Oh great just what we need more
spreading of the "word" that gets
the teabagger morans all whipped
into a frenzy - no telling what they
might try next
A gathering of all those folks who think communist
fascist socialist governments are all the
same thing


apparently these folks have a lot of money
to throw around -
I think I have happened on a great idea
start a website that caters to their
biased perspectives by just confusing them
(the video depicts all their total confusion
on a wide range of subjects)
then send all the money they send in to
Acorn or some other charity that helps the
people who are victims of the Bush economy
My startup idea would have something to do with
Czars since this is the hot topic of the moment




Does using all capital letters make you feel more important?

Obama is a terrorist? Now that's an anti-intellectual argument based on absolutely no logic. Bryan Wayne Perry, are you a racist or a lemming?


You would love the guy I saw driving on the highway - old pickup with magnet of wild-eyed terrorist
& then spray painted yellow moon with crescent.

Now that is someone ambiguous.

Glen Beck is Moran in Chief


Wow, morons on the left spewing blindly their indoctrinated words of Dear Leader.

Shaaazzaaaaam, suuuprizzze, suprizzzee. Golly Gee willakaaaas yaaaa'll.

Ya'll so smart, it hurts my brain. I'll have to take out all the learnins i gots just to understand ya.

First, let me take out American history of the Republic and Revolution by our Founding Fathers.

I'll replace it with Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto

Second, let me take out all that stupid calculus I learned at them dumb flyover universities which enable me to run statistics and probability analysis and engineering design, plus remove all the computer science classes. Whew...

OK, lets replace that with OBamaNomics, ACORNomics and the failed leftist-bleeding-heart socialist economics of funding underage prostitutes from South America, enabled by 60s radicals like Wade Rathke and his brother - the guy who ripped off 1 million. ACORN who demanded banks make out bad loans to people with no job and no income.

Great - wooohoooo - I am now a Neo-Liberal dimwit.

Unlike the true liberals of the Founding Fathers of our nation and our most prestigious universities, you nitwits have fallen for propaganda and Marxist ideology.

Wake up. The only TeaBaggers are idiots like Anderson on CNN who actually know what it means to be teabagged. Sick, perverted and blind. That represents arrogant twits like him and unfortunately you follow the blind.

Tea Party not teabagging scum. Get it Straight, got it?

Good, now stop whining. In a free nation, a free people arise to take back their rights. And none of you, not your ACORN organizor or moronic media darlings like Anderson can take it away.

Only the beginning folks. You've awakened the sleeping giant. You have no idea what you're up against.

We will expose the corruption of George Soros, Axelrod, Emannuel, ACORN Connections, Podesta, Van Jones, Apollo, Tides Foundation, SDS, the Chicago Thug scums like communist William Ayers and his nutjob wife bomber Bernadine Dohrn, and many more.

Obama walked away from his criminal friend Rezko and left behind a failed publich housing project, stepping all over the poor. He is corrupt and does not care for the poor. Otherwise, you explain why he left so many behind in a failed project? Why? Why did he leave the poor of Chicago with rat infested buildings?

Is this your leader? The Marxist loving, radical that stayed for 20 years at a racist, vile hating "church" of liberation theology? Any of you dimwits know what liberation theology is? Look it up. Then look up Black Liberation Theology. Nothing but a racist based, hate fest, stewed in Marxism.

Yada, yada, yada.... keep on drinking the kooliad. Keep watching the legacy media, or visting moronic places like huff po, another nutjob who experienced her orgy of salvation thru some "love" guru.

You get what you deserve in the end. You keep rejecting truth and accepting lies. Blind faith in blind leaders. You see, but are blind. You hear, but are deaf.


Got a live one!

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