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Nyc Labrets

Lawrence O'Donnell, in no uncertain terms, has already covered this ground.

The real, over looked story here has very little to do with Race In America.

Color of One's Skin is irrelevant.

Relations between the General Public and those that Protect & Serve have not just eroded, but have completely collapsed.

After decades of incidents, the least of which are Taserings in which people are lucky to walk away from with their very lives, Respect for The Law is almost non-existent in the USA anymore.

If there was any respect left, then FTP would just be an NWA backwater noise, straight out of Compton.

Instead of our new National Anthem.

That's sung, each, and every day, in America by Blacks, Whites, Olives, Blues, Greens, Pinks, Tangerines, Yellows, Browns...

You name it.

We've A Bigger Problem Here, and again, it's got not a damn thing to do with skin color.

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