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Jan lind-Sherman

I had talked about Dee Dee Rainbow in my blog and wondered where she is now? Is she still in assisted living? She came to our school many times for art and story telling projects and was well loved by all. My e-mail is [email protected] My blog is www.teacherslogon.blogspot.com
Jan Lind-Sherman


I think she is - I have her number in one of my address books and am going to try to find out. She is such a cool person!

John Cornicello

Any update? I've photographed Dee Dee many times at the Moisture Festival and Solstice Parades and have missed her.


John Cornicello

Jim Costello, Norfolk, England

Good to hear that Dee Dee is still spreading love & joy. We talked with her at Monterey Jazz Festival many times. Thanks for bringing back some happy memories.


Hello ALL! this is a the daughter of the said wizard in the article above, and I will taking the DEE DEE RAINBOW to this years Folk life festival on SUNDAY MAY 29th 2011, I that she will be going next year as well, however I know how happy she would be to see some familiar faces this Sunday,please email me if you would like to make sure we meet up there!! [email protected]

FYI: Dee Dee is still in an assisted living home, and does enjoy outings and visitors, If you would like to arrange that, please email me and I will give you her phone number.


Typo:*I *Hope that she will being next year, but I do not know, Hope see fellow friends of dee dee this sunday! :)

Lori Magnuson

Did she go to Folklife?


Will she be at the Monterey Jazz Festival This Year.


Should be a question mark on my comment re MJF, sorry. Mike


I don't think she is in good enough health - she is in an Assisted Living. She will be there in spirit!!

Wil Gonyea

I remember Dee Dee at Meany Middle School, where she taught Art. Such a wonderful person, I would hope she is doing better with her health, she must be 80 something by now. Seems like the world loves her, which I am happy to see. I wish her the very best. Wil Gonyea. Meany middle school 1989/90.


Much thanks to Ms.Rainbow, she was one of my many artistic inspirations I enjoyed taking her class at Meany!!!

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