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Nyc Labrets

This is just the beginning.

Expect every day from here on in until Election Day 2012 to be more of the same, except it's going to get a lot more vicious and meaner.

They'll keep pushing and pushing looking for any chink in the armor that they can find.

Eventually they're going to hit Pay Dirt.

Insert Betty Davis 'Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride' line here.


Then all of their embarrassing scandals have to continue to be uncovered.
They need to be boycotted, girlcotted, cuckolded etc etc etc.


I got a wingnut email that said "One million people have signed the thing that Obama doesn't have a birth certificate" - love Pat Boone (that's a paraphrase but anyway..)

Well that new leader of Honduras is Italian and his Constitution says he must be Honduran.

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