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after many years I see that
Catherine, Katherine, Kathryn, Cathryn
is no longer in the top 10


One thing that is interesting is to see the
lists of most popular names for several years
and look back to the days when Agnes and Mildred were
the favored names for girls


My name (DiAnne) is from the '50s, with Susan, Linda, Kathy

Ally McLesbian, in Virginia

Now explain to me again... How the HELL did Madison become an acceptable, hip girl's name?!?

It doesn't work unless you're a white American suburbanite born in the mid-1990s or later. It really boxes you in socioeconomically.

HUNAJ  (a bird who fly on highest)

how r u????????

hair clips

Sophia is really beautiful.

Sherman Unkefer

There are some names that have always been and forever will be very popular. Some of these names have origins in the bible or have a deep cultural meaning, and others have changed and developed over the years from ancient cultures. Whatever the reason - these names are timeless, and bear great significance to many.

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