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you pretty much covered all of the issues. They are the US equivalent of the Taliban.


Two diaries on Dailykos are important to this discussion: one claims that Tiller's murderer is not a Christian; the other says that he is.




Semantics .. of course he is a "Christian" but he is not a "true Christian" as defined by some.
He is a hypocrite (Tiller's murderer.)

I wrote something at a Kansas paper - about how not all liberals are going to see this the same,
as their contention was that all conservatives would not. Of course not.

Oversimplification is part of what has brought us to these cultural wars.


I think everything above I just said to you when you were in town - remember I cut my finger and saw blood
and started talking about the inconsistency of these people on violence in general?!

I wrote the above off the top of my head because this stuff has been percolating there for a long time and I
feel as strongly probably as the most nutball of them but at least try to have some consistency and not be
all single issue and hypocritical!


By the way I'm going to drop a link here from something old by Mary Scott O'Connor

Claims 90% of abortions are first term and late-term abortion is done usually
in very extreme cases

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