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Nyc Labretš

What do you call a girl from Prague giving out free BJ's?

A Stimulus Czech...

Bert, I want to start a new Category here on SM, dedicated to how Madison Avenue uses sex to sell the dubious wares of it clients, and I want to call it

"CorpraPorn" The I prefer the spelling CorpraPrÖn.

An example of this is the Carl's Jr. Burger ad, featuring Salman Rushdie's elitist ex-wife, Padme that DiAnne posted a while back here: http://silencedmajority.blogs.com/silenced_majority_portal/2009/04/sponge-bob-booty-at-burger-king.html


I find that woman to be much more vile than Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin or Arianna Huffington.

The sexual content in advertising here in Germany is off the charts and for the last month I've been snapping as many pics as I can of it, but still haven't organized my work here in a coherent fashion, so as to be consistently throwing this stuff up on a routine basis. But I expect that by the time we get back from Amsterdam in about a week or so that I'll have everyting pooled together.


It wasn't me that posted it LOL
It was Kayakbiker

El Salvador del Norte

Carl's Jr? Its founder, the late Carl Karcher, was the patron saint of Orange County Republicanism. Hardcore social conservative. No Californian would ever dare to run for public office on a Republican ticket, both within SoCal and statewide, without Karcher's seal of approval.

Needless to say, I never eat at Carl's Jr. Their burgers are overpriced and tend to upset my stomach anyway.

El Salvador del Norte

Oh, btw... enjoy all the sexy stuff in Amsterdam and Germany.

SoCal outside Hollywood is so backward/repressive on the stuff (even Hollywood is now - all female derrieres now must be pixelated, even when clad in panties) that a theocratic Mexican telenovela actually qualifies as "racy" by comparison.

El Salvador del Norte

And one more reason to really enjoy Amsterdam while you still can...

Amsterdam is on track to become the Los Angeles of Europe. It's "tolerant" but its tolerance extends to the very values that want to destroy that tolerance, only because those values are Third World in origin and therefore possibly "can't be bad."

I've had too much BS from the Surinamese and Muslim thugs of Amsterdam for comfort - after flying all the way out there for some relief from the Spanish- and Korean-speaking thugs in California.


Yo, Digital Components. That category you suggest is unique and you should write about it in your post. But we have a lot of categories already and FASHION and CORPORATE profits cover it. If we have too many categories that overlap people won't be able to find related posts.

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