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Here is my FAIL - I went to gas up my car & a guy told me my front right
tire was completely and utterly flat. I aired it up enough to drive across
to Discount Tire, where they told me it was totally ruined (from driving
on it) and that I had to buy a $193 tire to match the others.

Went back to gas up and it was horribly crowded - the cheapest station
(ARCO) since everyone is broke - and half the pumps were out of order.
People were behind me honking for me to hurry up - I ALMOST DROPPED
MY KEYS INTO THE GAS TANK!! I caught them as they had already started
to drop in. My gas wouldn't pump so I had to go inside and people were
honking and swearing. (This was happening to anyone who wasn't able
to move right along.)

So now I have to go pick up my carless son and we head to Marysville
(kind of a meth capital) and look at something from CraigsList - cobble
together money (if it is satisfactory) from all the little accounts that
have a bit of money in them - maybe some of the coin jars too. Then
are we supposed to drive it home - can't get ahold of insurance on
Saturday. Can't remember how to do title transfer and all that. I read
on the internet that if the name doesn't match exactly, it's not legally
binding - they compared it the the lettering on a TOMBSTONE - if it
is wrong it's for eternity.

Such a simple day and it's not. Monday I get dental work. Please buy
me a drink!

Nyc Labrets



The only reason I caught this is because I'm taking pics of unusual looking FUEL EFFICIENT cars that are NOT HUMMERS so AMERICANS can SEE WHAT they look like.


Totally wasn't trying to be mean, but this happened like 5 minutes after that call with the Wing Nut and it was either film that or poison my body with too much hard liquor at once and make myself feel even sicker than I was.

I went for the lesser of 2 evils.


Well the day continued .. picked up my son and we were off to the Planet E (Everett.) - Marysville, actually - further north even.

We went and test drove this one Toyota that was supposed to have 117,000 miles on it. Looked really clean. Started to wonder if I wasn't hearing sticky lifters and we pulled over to check the VIN using the iPhone but it wouldn't check out AND then we noticed the oil change sticker that said 220,000 miles - right on the window - and found another one that said 203,000 on the door!

Somebody altered the mileage and didn't even bother to remove the oil change stickers!! What are they - illiterate? Needless to say, we didn't buy the car.

What was cool was that we found a noncommercial station that had a surf music show - Link Wray and others we'd never heard of. On the way home, it was a parking lot in the other direction but we had a straight shot home and by then they were playing old R&B from Memphis. Then traffic slowed to two lanes for road construction but the show changed to a Native American progam by a guy we know called Cheech One Road.

Didn't mention that we found authentic Laotian food in Everett and had two new things - green curry rice without coconut milk - lots of lemon grass - and deep fried tuna in a larb-type salad with cilantro and red onions and lime juice. & deep fried ice cream, sticky rice and mangoes. All the furniture was rustic heavy wood brought over from Asia and we were the only customers except takeout people on their way to watch videos.

The cost was immaterial since we didn't get bilked out of about $4000 for a bad car!

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