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I never realized the impact of the KKK on our society until they paraded down Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia in the late sixties. A family member was hospitalized at the Medical College of VA and as my dad and I stood looking down on the Klan march from the seventh floor window my mother's black nurse began to shake and tremble with fear. My dad hugged her and said he would take her home where she would feel safer. I understand they had a permit to march. Just like the burka I wonder what evil lurks behind those hoods.

El Salvador del Norte

The KKK and their ilk are pretty damn strong here too.

The difference is that they do value nonwhites that are willing to be their puppets. A lot of the KKK ideology floats around in Spanish and Korean.


I have a issue with Mexicans in my APT complex beating on the ceiling scaring my children. then they offer them ice cream if they will come down the stairs. i feel like I can do nothing! cause I live in America!


I am a man but I feel like less than that. I wish I lived in the 70's then I could kill and forensics would not matter!


Anon. You should seek some psychiatric care. You are one sick SOB. Try to set a good example for your children. Become a member of the 21st century and quit living in the past. America has changed, and you need to as well.

Ally McRepuke

anon, you better thank the Mexicans for doing the dirty work of killing the sodomites, for you and FOR YOUR CHILDREN.


the kkk aren't anything to be afraid of, just carry a gun,


Anon, I understand what your saying dude trust me my wife cant even walk down the street with out feeling like she is being stalked by them so i know what you mean....


the blacks, the Mexicans or the KKK? which bogeyman?


oh I see you mean Mexicans .. odd how different people are

We love going to Mexico for vacation and go to Queretaro, Guanajato, Guadalajara, San Miguel de Allende .. and
had nothing but fun!

Next Rio!

Mary Hill

I am Girl! My friend black people! They so nice and nothing wrong doing to KKK Some yes killed KKK! KKK so mean to black people! KKK Is bitch loser!


I guess the range of human diversity is even greater than previously suspected.

Pissed Off

So many people dont know what true fear is'' reality is not far because of the person "YOU" voted for to be our president. Their will be "NO" equality and no mercy"" Only death, And a new begining''.


21 century your right! but you must knot live in ala because we have know job here so fuck 21 century and fuck them beaner. I have right do what it take to protect my white heritage. people need to take there finger out there ass and stand up? we have no right as white in usa because we leting mexicans take it away from us?


Amen Wayne, I can't even remember when tv didn't have spanish translations or advertise spanish websites along side English. And the boarder patrol is a joke. Shot to kill anyone coming into this country illegally. The main problem is the punishments don't fit the crimes. We are too lienent. The lawyers are jokers just out to make a buck and not really interested in proving guilt. If you steal...lose a hand. If you rape...loose your balls. If you murder...you die. Period. If the punishments were stronger people would think twice about committing crimes and the jails wouldn't be so crowded and maybe we as tax payers wouldn't have to support their sorry asses.
I live in Mobile, AL. I hope the KKK is live and well...anyone heard of Pritchard? The quinticential town of black, guns, drugs and fear. They are in the news every single day for something. It's incredible. Wish I could start my own country. Things would be very different....Safe.

burferd t

Wayne you say you wish to start your own. Then do it. I can't tell you how many pussy ass white boys have said that but when it comes time to fuckup some black bitches they back out.I say this to all you pussy ass men. Take your finger out of your ass and don't worry about mine.You need to be strong be one.Get out of your house and do something for the better of your kind.

p.s.Don't talk about it.

wayne t

I guess the klan used to be something, but now their just a bunch of queers. their not serious they just want your money and they sale out their own race. i would not donate or give shit to them. white power my ass! the klan is just another pyramid scam. poor working white people donate their money to make the son of a bitch at the top rich, and he would not shit on their grave. meanwhile they encourage your teenage boy to go to prison for acting worse than the nigger they preach about.


The KKK better stay in the South...lol
Go to Harlem, Chi-Town, Brooklyn, Compton....that will be a wrap.
As a African American female, the KKK are a joke!! Any fool that will walk around with a sheet on their head....COWARD!!!


white power ya dont like it dont come on the page u dont like what im sayin fuck u and black folks are more rascist then anyone just to damn dumb to see it


white power all the way! all these niggers don't know what they are talking about. how about you go to compton, and blah blah wherever, they will shoot you! blacks shooting blacks. well now there is something to be proud of. thats all you see on the news.

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