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Ally McRepuke

Bring it on, Third World primitive foreign assholes.

Keep fucking with American democracy, flood places like California, crash wages and rewrite laws, keep it up.

I'll make sure Obama will point a nuke or two in your direction.

Bush was lenient about your destruction of America. Obama will NOT be so lenient.

In the meantime, I'll see if I can find a saner state to live in. California (San Francisco included) is beyond hope, between the proud Reaganian tradition, hordes of Third World theocrats, and a white liberal population that is UNWILLING to do a thing about that.

In fact, I am now considering the white liberal "tolerance" of the immigrant theocratic menace to be complicity. Already, it's okay to carry out honor killings in California, because it's a Pakistani/Turkish tradition. It's also perfectly okay to carry out murder-suicides because it's a Korean tradition (even though most Korean-Americans mistakenly think of themselves as whites). This is UNACCEPTABLE.

I am boycotting as much of California economy as possible, effective immediately. Too bad I can't make it a total boycott, as I'd have to write off Apple Computers.

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