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Boycott California

Sucking up to the black culture is just the beginning. Especially the fact that blacks believe less in individual happiness than whites, and are more anti-choice and anti-gay as a result - something that the Repukes will do everything to exploit while the white liberal movement stays in denial.

And in my fucked-up excuse of a state, the official language of conservative politics is no longer English. We have three: Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese. (Occasionally, Chinese serves as a fourth.)

Three months in Seoul late last year gave me an improved command of the Korean language, but I will refuse to speak Korean stateside, as long as the Korean-Americans drive the reactionary politics of California. The worst part is that the white liberals all bury this crap under their "it's not English, so it must be good, celebrate diversity" mentality.

It looks like Los Angeles has already become El Salvador del Norte, complete with its primitive moral laws, theocracy, broken economy, and cut-rate infrastructure. And everyone is just happy that way.

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