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What would have happened if a democrat had suggested that Crawford, Texas would be bombed? John Bolton was the appointed diplomat who never received Senate approval.

Diplomat? More evidence of FAIL from the Bush administration.

Ms. Ann Thrope

Wow. That headline is just like a Drudge headline. Obviously, Bolton did NOT make such a suggestion.

For the record, I'm a Deaniac liberal who thinks what we say should be more accurate than what they say.

Ally McRepuke

First, Bill O'Reilly suggests nuking San Francisco (with the blessing of BMW), then this?

I've already sold my BMW, and maybe I need to go a step further than that.

Ally McRepuke

Also, it's utterly wrong to suggest nuking ANY part of your own country for ANY reason. However, if push comes to shove, there are FAR more deserving locales deserving some good ol' fashioned nuking than San Francisco and Chicago.

In fact, Chicago is one of the least deserving. San Francisco - I am not so sure, as its white liberal political correctness is complicit in the Third World immigrant theocratic menace destroying the entire state of California.

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