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Ally McRepuke

You know, anything even remotely resembling a suggestion of harming W used to be an immediate stint at Guantanamo.

Now, entire religions and foreign governments, and now this guy, thinks harming truly good/patriotic American politicians, from the President down on, is actually patriotic.

Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this picture.

Ally McRepuke

And I can definitely think of SOME politicians who ought to be shot for their utter disrespect of the American democracy.

Top of the list is Lee Myung-bak, the "President" of the "Republic" of Korea. If his "love" for America means calling for lynching Barack Obama, he needs to be lynched first. And if "serving" the interests of his own subjects means squandering the economy's US dollar reserves on American right-wing political adventures, all the more reason for him to be eliminated.

I do need to be careful from now on, as the Korean-American community (huge supporters of both Lee and his US Religious Right masters), and the hitmen of the Lee regime, would love to get rid of me at this point. However, this doesn't change the reality that they are a very treasonous bunch. They were the ones who were telling me NOT to buy that Hyundai, because Hyundai's unionized labor force is a whole bunch of Commies taking orders from Pyongyang (their typical smearing tactic).

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