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All the people near the volcano should band together
and send that guy a barrage of letters and emails
or phone calls
He is sooooo out of touch with reality

Boycott California

The most dangerous thing is that in San Francisco, they probably think Jindal is a cool, progressive guy - because he's young, and he's the son of nonwhite immigrants.

Before long, Reverend Moon will be seen as a cool New Age guru, Robert Mugabe will be seen as a champion of rights for the disadvantaged, and Hugo Chavez will be seen as a benevolent, democratic ruler. Wait a minute, the last has already happened.

San Francisco doesn't deserve nuking, contrary to what O'Reilly and BMW would like us to believe. But San Franciscans do need a smack in the head, if only to remind them that liberal fantasies and reality are two different things. Liberal orthodoxy is as dangerous as conservative orthodoxy.

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