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Ally McRepuke

The Governator isn't to my liking. No mistakes about it.

However, given that the California state legislature, and both the California Republican Party and the California Democratic Party, are a whole bunch of extremist ideologues who are COMPLETELY out of touch with reality, the Governator may be a rare breed of California politician who actually gets things done.

Seriously, if Phil Angelides and his pathetic campaign were all that the CA Democrats could muster to try to block the 2006 re-election of the Governator, I think the CA Democrats need to cease to exist. The only reason it's even relevant is because the CA Repukes got stupid enough to backstab their immigrant thug buddies.

Thanks the the Repukes, CA has bankrupted its education system and destroyed its infrastructure, and with the help of those immigrants, started rolling back the clock on civil rights. But a Democratic world with 15% sales tax rates won't be too appetizing either.

Ever wonder why I am a nonpartisan voter, rather than a Democrat, today? I'll probably make a good Democrat in WA State and many other states. But NEVER in California.

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