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Matthew Carnicelli said:
An excerpt from my new piece, inspired by the times, and absolutely on topic:

"It is in the interest of the American people that we implement economic policies that reward those who create jobs for Americans who sincerely want to work, in exchange for a living wage. Workers pay taxes, pay mortgages, support families, and pull their own weight. Given our free market system, every True Blue American Company can be thought of as providing an invaluable service – and hence is deserving of our gratitude, as best expressed in the form of transformative tax legislation. In contrast, multi-nationals and US-based 'Benedict Arnold' firms that place the interests of management and investors ahead of its American workforce must be seen as acting rationally, perhaps even sensibly, given our currrent flawed collective assumptions – but decidedly not in the best interests of the United States of America, and especially so at a moment when this entire economy is imploding before our eyes. They must be seen as the amoral actors they are, actors who can hardly be trusted with the awesome task of defending America's economic future.

"Finally, the ethical remedy to this emerging crisis strikes me as not one of enhanced personal virtue, as suggested by many conservatives – although rejection of get-rich-quick schemes, mindless prosperity consciousness, pie-in-the-sky aspirations, not to mention media lionization of the most ruthless and reckless among us, would certainly be a good thing. The appropriate ethical remedy in my mind requires the introduction of bold, game-changing economic policies that encourage collective virtue – namely, the creation and sustenance of secure, highly skilled, highly paid jobs right here in America. Americans have proved themselves willing to work as hard as any people on earth. We would never be content to become the lackeys of a would-be corporate or investor elite in the international oligarchic world that the neo-conservatives ultimately envisioned. We would almost certainly launch a second American Revolution before that came to pass – especially amidst the emerging tone of the times. So instead of standing by, and watching the nation we love descend into financial ruin, foreign dependence, social upheaval, and potentially even a second American Revolution, why not instead simply declare independence – but this time, economic independence?"



I think Andy said the most part and I certainly agree.I think these financial wizards of terrorism should be strung up.

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