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Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.


Dtr Danee was in South Africa on that day and remarked on people w Obama shirts and badges.

I posted about the amazing particapation through Web 2.0. My 88 year-old mama said B's speech was great.


Carolyn Caplan

We in Manitou Springs, Colorado, (we "Manitoids") held our own wonderful little (500 people?!) Free People's Inaugural Party at the Business of Arts Center (Venue515) with tons of donated food, potluck dishes, free soda and water and an open cash bar. We got all the overflow from other pricey "Balls" around Colorado Springs. I guess they wanted to come to the really FUN party! We had a live band (rockin'!), and watched the Inauguration speech (for some of us the second time) on TV, cheered and laughed and cried and danced and hugged. People lined up to have their pictures taken with Barack (cut-out, of course) and bought goodies from the Liberal Store folks. One kind and generous man, Tom Howes, brought his own home made buttons and gave them away. I hung lots of photos of Obama, which I had copied from the magazine covers I've been collecting, had them laminated and strung across the whole room. the whole event was a joy to behold and participate in. Took lots of great photos and will share with those wishing copies. Great to hear of your adventures in Washington, but we here in our little town of 5,000 celebrated also. YES WE DID! Cheers! Carolyn Caplan


I just talked to my brother on the phone about the same event!! I love love love Manitou and am so glad you guys are there to counteract the evil energy from E Colo Springs, which I hope can be neutralized or at least marginalized.

James Alton

Thanks for the great review of what the innauguartion was like..it almost felt like I was there. It has been a long time since I have felt optimisstic about the future...isn't it amazing how much of a difference one man can make.. James

Ally McRepuke

Thanks for the report. Looks like everyone had a good time.

Obama made a BIG mistake in rewarding Orange County with Rick Warren's inauguration invocation. Orange County is where all the destructive ideologies that dominated the past 30 years have come from. It must be punished, not rewarded.

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