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Formerly Ally McLesbian, in Seoul

I'm still far from happy. The reactionary government here in Seoul still has lots of life left in it, even though its buddy McPalin went down in flames.

- It funded California's gay marriage ban in order to "protect the morally upright and Christian Korean-American youth from the homosexual menace" - and succeeded.
- Being a union member or a leftist in general is grounds for ARREST - or at least dismissal from work. The last time this was the case, it was the mid-1980s under a fascist constitution.
- The Reaganesque tax cuts for the richest of the rich will go ahead, as the government believes it will stimulate job creation. I know it won't; those bastards tend to spend the savings on luxury import automobiles and other vanity items that do nothing to trickle the wealth down to the masses.

My only solace is that America had enough of this crap too, and put Obama in the White House by a commanding margin. May he kick the Seoul government's ass, HARD. The South Koreans themselves demand it.

Ally McRepuke in Seoul

The next time those Christian nutjob missionaries invade my peace at a park, a palace, or at any other inappropriate place, I am not gonna just leave them in peace.

I WILL physically assault them, to show America's wrath. If they can take away my civil rights and call for the lynching of my next President, a minor assault is the least they deserve. If I get arrested and deported as a result of my actions, SO BE IT.

I am carrying a wooden stick from now on with me at all times.


At least this sour grapes Nader supporter who sent me this has a sense of humor!
Will probably adapt quicker than the Republicans.



A British reaction:

I just hope Obama doesn't turn out to be another Blair. But for now, well done you guys.

Someone once said (I think it was Churchill) "Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing - after trying everything else first".

Party time



Great song!

Ally... if you get deported, I hear the USA is starting to be a great place to lay down some roots.

Formerly Ally McLesbian, in Seoul

Thanks zapata.

Obama's future successes (and by comparison, W's failures) should hopefully shut up the fascists here in Seoul once and for all. After all, the fascists worship America, and if the country they worship is taking a different path from themselves, they are really f*cked.

I'm throwing away my Samsung TV when I return home. Samsung is already blabbering "warnings" about Obama and his "anti-trade" tirades.

I'll also load up on plenty of Korean food while I am still in Seoul, because the Korean-Americans, who overwhelmingly supported the gay marriage ban in California, do not deserve another cent of my money.

Non-Koreans who nevertheless had a key role in taking my rights away (Toyota, BMW) WILL be boycotted as well. I am selling my BMW as soon as I return home.

I'll kick some major ass, wherever I go in the world.

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