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Sexist ass.


True sexism is saying women can't have choice or right to
control their sexuality, including gender preference.


Oh, please. Are you serious? How is porn based on powerful women (and don't get me wrong, I'm not a Palin fan) an example of women controlling their sexuality? Or an example of *anyone* expressing "gender preference"? Idiotic. Goes to show how much more engrained sexism is than racism in our country. You wouldn't express support for blackface, would you? Think about it.


I think my previous comment was deleted--but anyway, it bears repeating. What the hell? How does porn portraying an idiotic facscimile of powerful women (Palin--don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan--Hilary, Rice), enable women to "control their sexuality"? And expressing gender preference? Huh?

Think about it. Would you be amused by white men in blackface spoofing Obama? Goes to show how much more engrained sexism is in our society. It's perfectly OK to objectify women in any context--politics, beer ads, what have you.

Grow a pair, for god's sakes.


The Russians are objectified too.


Wow, your perspective is totally skewed. Very sad.


I don't endorse sexism, though I think that term is being thrown around by those who are in no way feminists, and that it's inappropriate.

I am not a big fan of porn either, but there are free speech issues represented too. There has to be some balance between being politically correct all the time and exploiting women (or men.)

There is a big business in porn and some bad stuff out there but I am not completely opposed to porn. For one thing, there are women in the industry who have tried to reform it some.

I once went with some women to protest a strip club and ended up meeting the woman who owned it and the women who danced there. It turned out she had gotten them benefits and hourly pay and a situation where men could not touch them. It was an improvement. They argued that they had the right to make a living.

I don't believe it's completely a black and white issue.

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