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My fellow Obama/ Biden Supporters,

I purposefully chose an incendiary subject line in order to garner your attention. I do have a lot to say, so stick with me, but it is a matter of utmost importance.

Over the last 72 hours i have spent more than my fair share of time reading blogs and emails and watching the talking the heads and pundits analyze the choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate. At first it seemed as if McCain had made a serious blunder and displayed a gross ineptitude for making a sound decision. However, after the dust has settled the real motives behind his choice have come to light. He, just like Bush-Cheney-Rove are making this election about God, guns and fetuses.

The article "Palin electrifies conservative base" by politico.com's Jonathan Martin lays out in no uncertain terms why Palin is now McCain's running mate. We all know that she is pro-drilling, pro-life, pro-creationism and pro-gun. The stance she takes on these issues upsets us a great deal, and we can see how damaging they will be to our country if John McCain is elected President. In spite of that, ladies and gentlemen John McCain will be the next President of the United States and Sarah Palin will be the next Vice-President.

article: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0808/13016.html

Let me explain. Bush, a complete and utter moron, was elected PUSA, not once, but twice based off of these same tactics. He is a charismatic campaigner, who takes simple easy to understand stances on moral issues. There is no finely nuanced thought process that goes into his decision making process. To him, these moral issues are black and white, right or wrong, us or them.

The vast amount of American voters identified with him, easily understood his position on these issues, were energized and assumed a competitive attitude over whether he should be PUSA (hence, the "us or them"). That is why he has been the PUSA for the last eight years.

Fellow O/B supporters, when we look at Sarah Palin we see an inexperienced politician who has no business being in this national race. We see someone who will be easily manipulated by the neo-cons to further their "war on terror" and funnel billions more tax dollars into the pockets of the military industrial complex and big oil companies.

When right-wing, conservative Evangelicals look at Ms. Palin, they see a gift from God.

Yes, we see through the cheap, transparent, manipulative Rove-esque tactics, and post our rants online as blogs and nytimes.com comments. But this running mate was not chosen for us. It was chosen to solidify the conservative base, who is not reading blogs and sending emails. They are sitting in church and chatting with their fellow church-goer about how McCain has made such a wonderful choice in picking his veep. Not only does she talk the talk about being pro-life, she walks the walk by giving birth to a baby with Down Syndrome. Not only is she a charmer and a looker, but if we vote for her she will be the first woman Vice-President. We can be apart of history.

Therefore, do not read the blogs and internet postings and think it is a good gauge of the national consciousness on this choice. The people whom this was aimed at and are rejoicing over this pick are NOT online blogging and emailing.

So, in the end it comes down to what do we as Obama/ Biden supporters do to take this country in a new and better direction.

Well, we can sit and bang out email after email about how Palin wants to shoot wolves from helicopters. We can blog about how she is in favor of teaching the creation story along side the theory of evolution in our public schools. We can even try to start rumors about how her four month old baby might not even be hers, but is actually her seventeen year old daughter's.

Obama/ Biden supporters you are wasting your time! Not only are you "preaching to the choir" (sorry, i could not think of another metaphor), but your message is not being read by the other side. Besides even if they did read it, they would look you in the face and say, "Well, God put us in charge of the animals, and their numbers need to be thinned out for the new oil pipeline going through Alaska. And why not teach creationism in schools, both sides need to be represented. And abortion is murder."

Therefore, we need to mobilize and TAKE ACTION like never before. Here is a list of things we can do in order to help elect Barack Obama.

1. Donate money. Remember, Obama is not taking public financing so we are responsible for fueling his campaign with the resources he needs to take our message into those battleground states.

2. Phonebanking. During the primaries i did some phonebanking and i cannot express to you how rewarding of an experience this is. At first it seems daunting, but in the end chatting with potential voters about our message of hope, peace and change is very gratifying.

3. Canvassing. Going door to door to chat with potential voters and show your enthusiasm for the Obama/ Biden ticket is satisfying, and also demonstrates that this is a national movement, not empty rhetoric.

4. Write letters to local newspapers. Not the .com newspaper, but the ones that used to be (maybe still do) sitting at your front door in the morning. This is the medium through which social conservatives receive their news and information. Do NOT express outrage, but our message of hope, peace and change.

5. Stay away from moral issues. When discussing Obama/ Biden, stay away from these moral issues and focus on how McCain does not get it. That he is out of touch. That he has been wrong time and time again. That Obama/ Biden get it. Have excellent judgement and intellect and can lead this country in a new and better direction.

6. Ignore Palin. The best thing we can do is to ignore her. The only reason she was brought on to the ticket was to energize the conservative base. Those individuals vote with their gut, (with emotion) over moral issues. There is no amount of convincing we can do in order to change their minds on these issues. If we are lucky, the harsh continuous light of the national media on Ms. Palin will cause a gaffe or misstep on her part.

My Fellow Obama/ Biden supporters i implore you, do not underestimate these social conservatives. Rove has said before, that he wanted to (and has for the last eight years) establish a permanent Republican majority. This is how he has done it. Ladies and gentlemen, they will succeed again. If you do not believe me, go back and analyze the results of the last two general elections. More women than men vote.

That is unless, we get out from in front of our laptops (only after donating $5 to the campaign) and get our message of hope, peace and change out to the American people.

I encourage replies (and forwarding of this email), to my comments above, but also include action items, and ideas on what we can DO to elect Barack Obama as President and Joe Biden as Vice-President of the United States of America.


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