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Condi Rice wore Ferragamos back during Hurricane Katrina - a typical blog entry from that time:

Condoleezza Rice Goes Shoe Shopping!
Last week, while thousands of New Orleans residents — dehydrated, hungry, desperate for relief under 90-plus degree heat waiting for an American response to the post-Katrina aftermath — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice found time to go shopping for some shoes at the Ferragamo shoe store in New York and take in a Broadway show!

Ms. Rice plunked down, reportedly, a few thousand dollars worth of shoes at the NYC retail store. Meanwhile, it should be noted that the median income of the poorest of New Orleans' residents earn about $7500 per year, according to MSNBC.


I have a pair of Ferragamo Shoes. My French friend got them for me for $4 at Portland Goodwill.

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