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article I just wrote about racists in Washington state

at NW Progressive Institute blog

Racist Graffiti Story - Too Close to Home
A friend sent me a news clipping about something that happened not in the deep South of the US but in the deep South of the state of Washington. I must say that I lived in this town for awhile and part of me is not surprised, but it's shameful. I have a friend who lives there now who often tells me about the people with barely-drivable cars that are festooned with rightwing stickers, etc. Well here goes - from The Columbian, Vancouver's newspaper:

Someone scratched the words "White Power" on a car belonging to a Vancouver family who recently posted an "Elect Obama" sign in their front yard. On Sunday, Frank Wastradowski, who lives northeast of Southwest Washington Medical Center, noticed the vandalism on the side of his wife’s 1993 Plymouth. The letters, likely scratched with a key, were about 8 inches tall.

"It’s a hate crime and it’s time we get past racism," he said. Wastradowski said he won’t take the sign down, adding, "That’s my freedom of speech." Since he doesn’t like the idea of driving around with a white supremacist slogan on the car, he plans to speak with his insurance agent about having the damage repaired.

... My husband also heard this on local Air America. This story points out all the more that we need to pick up and continue where we left off with the Civil Rights movement 40 years ago!

Ally McRepuke

Funny thing these conservatives keep railing against the immigrants.

It's the IMMIGRANTS (especially Cubans, Koreans, Poles, and Vietnamese) that are busy at work fighting the culture war on behalf of the conservatives, against the godless homos and commie libs.

I will say this again and again: immigrants are the conservatives' goose with the golden egg.


This is for DiAnne:

Here's your boy Dennis fighting the good fight!


I liked his hearing statement -- very correct and precise. I liked his concept, to paraphrase, that we need to make sure this is the "last, not the first" time the executive is allowed to cavalierly initiate war.

Chuck in Bangkok

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