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Ally McRepuke

They better put Mann Coulter on the Wal-Mart board.

The more I know about the Clintons, the less I like them. While Bill's handling of the economy was good, he did NOTHING to undo the Reagan legacy.


Even though the news is depressing and she's pulling out all the stops & dispatching Bill throughout Oregon where they brag on her website she drew 10,000 people BUT that was in 7 stops --

Even though -- check this out

Obama continues to outpace Clinton among superdelegates...

Barack Obama continues to outpace Hillary Clinton among undecided superdelegates. He picked up two more supers over the weekend and added one more today in New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman. Obama has now gained six superdelegates since Clinton's win in PA on Tuesday while Clinton has gained two since then (and the two Clinton got were add-on delegates which differ from official superdelegates). The endorsement also means that Obama now has more Senator superdelegates supporting him than Clinton, 15 to 14. Clinton gained one superdelegate over the weekend.

So my overall superdelegate count now has Clinton leading Obama 264 to 244, a lead of 20. This is the closest Obama has been as he continues to eat into Clinton's superdelegate lead basically daily. At this point, assuming things play out as expected in the remaining states, Hillary Clinton will need 76% of the remaining undecided superdelegates to endorse her to win. Since February 5th, she has gotten less than 5% of the undecided superdelegates, so she has some hard work ahead of her.

And just to clarify, add-on delegates are delegates added on in states. Based on who wins where, they end up getting certain add-on delegates. For example, since Clinton won Arkansas by so much, most of the add-on delegates would go to her. So they don't reflect momentum, as in a superdelegate endorsing someone. Some 60 add-on delegates are expected to be revealed in the next week or so and Obama is expected to get a slight majority among them since he has won more states. The add-ons ARE included in the total 794 superdelegate number, meaning the actual number of undecided superdelegates is pretty low now, around 200.

Slugbug/ Army Officer from Iraq Comment - wow

from Obama's blog

By Army Officer (Ty) 59 seconds ago
What is wrong with you people. all of you are here whining and complaining like BIG BABIES. Simply because Rev. Wright did an interview to defend himself. Well GROW A PAIR and GET OVER IT!!!
As an African American, Barack Obama could slap my mother today and I would vote for him tomorrow!! Get over your selves and stop overreacting. this is a presidential election! what did you think? Did you think this would be a CAKE WALK for Barack. Well surprise!!
and stop blaming Rev. Wright for telling the DAMN truth about AMERICA Link If you are scared get a Dog or move to another planet or something. there are DAMN soldiers dying every day here in Iraq defending your scary a55e5 and you all are over there falling to pieces because Rev. Wright did a Press conference to defend himself, the church and the religious principles that many african Americans hold dear. get over yourselves and realize that this isn't about Rev. Wright and not even about Barack Obama. Thsi is about the American people taking their country back from a corrupt and shameful government who has for too long tarnished our good name throughout the world. If you want to be pissed at something be pissed at our Government for dupping you once again. You're so damn simple you don't even realize that youare mad at the wrong person. Rev. Wright is defending himself by stating facts about out government's history of maltreatment of others and you all are too confused to hold your government accountable and once again have allowed MSM to point you in the wrong direction. If this hurt your feeling then fine. Get over it and GROW A PAIR. Our Government has dupped us for too damn long. And if any of you want proof of that many of us fighting in Iraq feel the same way. Link


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