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Not My President

Obama flyers dropped on Coachella neighbours during Roger Waters' set
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Coachella crew must clean up the aftermath
May 1, 2008
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Thousands of papers bearing a checkmark next to the name of US presidential candidate Barack Obama were dropped on neighbourhoods surrounding the Coachella Festival during Roger Waters' Sunday-night set (April 27).

As a result, Coachella promoter Goldenvoice has had to send staff to help clean up the papers covering the Indio, California neighbourhoods after police received calls from area residents complaining about the mess.

An Indio police spokesperson said that the material was distributed without permission from the city or Goldenvoice, and that the concert promoters have been very cooperative in lending a hand to clean up the area.

Coachella spokespeople could not yet confirm whether the Waters camp was responsible for the messages, however it seems very likely as the former Pink Floyd man flew a giant inflatable pig during his set with the same Obama message painted on its underside.

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