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Not My President

In the late '70s I went to New York City for a conference called "Evolution and Lateralization of the Brain" and saw Dr. Hoffman speak. He talked about provocative experiments done on animals and I asked him afterward if similar ones had been tried on humans. He said yes but on prisoners and that they had also experimented alot on themselves.

As for myself, I was a senior in high school and a guy I'd met only once at the state fair sent me an envelope with a glassine envelope such as you'd find an old-fashioned razor blade in - full of light purple powder. The enclosed note said "This is 700 micrograms of very good purple double-dome acid. Enjoy!" The postmark was from Vermillion, SD, where I ended up at the Art Department.

Many more stories available.

Not My President

But didn't Leary and McKenna die of brain cancer?
(just a question)

Psychodelic biker

A young person leaned in a high school class that doing acid ruined person's brain and thus their life. When he found out that I, who had straight A grades at a major state university had done acid more than 100 times, he made a report back to his class. Imagine what I might have been had I not done acid.

A heroin addict?


"The Bwiti", you are an idiot. Rush Limbaugh is a fascist pig and a hypocrite. He looks down on drug users and calls us a scourge when he was taking high amounts of Oxycontin, a drug that is chemically identical to Heroin. Now you claim he cleaned up and didn't relapse, where's the proof? That he said he hasn't relapsed, I've heard that song from many drug addicts.
Also, on your comment about Dr. Albert Hoffman, you've again showed us your ignorance. Dr. Hoffman was by no means a druggie, he only experimented with a few psychoactive chemicals he had created or worked with in his lab. These chemicals, no matter what someone like you may think, are consciousness expanding and mind opening. Not to mention the spiritual benefits of using psychoactive drugs. I can say with absolute certainty that Dr. Hoffman NEVER would have lived to 102 if it was't for his use of psychoactive chemicals.

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