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I saw her do that number here in Minneapolis last year. She said she made the covers album to revive her career, and it didn't work. Was she joking? She was really weird that night; maybe she's really weird every night.

Look at that T shirt she is wearing with the peace sign on it. I wanted to buy one for you slugbug -- I was one of the first ones at the concert and they were selling those Patti-made autographed t shirts on a small table just outside the theater. They only had a really small one left (pre-pubescent girl size) except for the demo model hanging on a board. I asked to buy the demo model and they said they couldn't sell it. Then I returned a while later and the bastards had sold it. I wouldn't have brought this up but it seemed like synchronicity since she played there on your birthday.

not my president

Well I appreciate that very much!

I knew you had gone and that we both knew about the covers album but I hadn't heard this song til tonight,
I didn't realize she was at the Showbox on my birthday!

not my president

It's cool to think of a pre-pubescent girl wearing a Patti Smith t-shirt instead of a Hannah Montana t-shirt.
It's good your daughter is old enough you will never have to deal with that teenybopper stuff, though I'm
sure your family all had better taste.


that reminds me of something.... is Ken getting his subscription to American Photography? I sent one your way in December.

Renegade Eye

White Rabbit brings back memories, combined with your antiwar march coverage, makes me feel very 1968.


We (Slugbug, NYc Albers and Kayakbiker) cover more contemporary stuff, too. I would agree with you about 1968, but with the GW Bush "DoDo" economics, it feels more like 1929 to me (kayakbiker)

not my president

There are some real parallels between 1968 and 2008 - not all of them pleasant.
There was also a song called "Deja Vu" - things are coming true.


I will pipe in. I know the original song. I just never knew she was singing RABBIT! I can't distinguish words in songs! It's probably a developmental issue relating to the fact that my parents only listened to muzac. Uh huh... that's right... Burt Bacarach (sp?) was King.

not my president

So maybe you thought when Hendrix sang "Scuze me while I kiss the sky" that he was saying "scuze me while I kiss this guy."

I often don't listen to lyrics, more the beat.

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