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Use the regular YouTube play button instead of the one on the little "screen" or the top song has to buffer the sound with interruptions in the streaming.


If 'the kid' says this is cool, I am down with it.:-)

Wait.. mcc at burning man? Sorry to beat the issue here, but really? I mean, I could see it. It isn't like he is going to be running for pres OPPOSED. When BM hits, the dem party could very well be BEGINNING its fight against the lowest rated approval-wise, most corrupt and incompetent administration in the history of this country! (Just in time for the election. w00t!) McC may as well go to BM! /sarcasm

Sorry. I digressed.

Not My President

Maybe McCain SHOULD go to Burning Man & get his mind blown!
(or maybe more)

I think the kids like the MarioPaint because of nostalgia - they seem to revel in how
comparatively low-tech things used to be (for them.)

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