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KB: Likwidshoe, Here is your quote

"It must be exciting for you ... in some ways romantic, in some ways, you know, confronting danger. " George W Bush.

Chickenhawks have a much different view of war than those of us who are real war veterans. I've read some of the comments on the right-wing sites about the photos here. One even criticized the families of the soldiers for wearing yellow ribbons as being so passe. When my brother-in-law was in Iraq we worried for his safety daily. Is criticism of the families of the soldiers part of the right's strategy of blaming everyone who doesn't agree with the policy?

KB: Does Likwidshoe have problems with religious tolerance?

From Likwidshoe's blog's comments (the reader's comment is about Likwidshoe's description of a women in one of my photos (Likwidshoe's writing in quotes): "Glad to see this girl put on donned a burka to show her solidarity with all the Muslim women who just love to wear them. It’s good to support cultural differences right? Even if those differences are enforced by beatings."

First, she’s wearing a niqab, not a burka. Second… since you don’t even know the difference, are you sure you’re qualified to state that the only reason Islamic women keep the hijab is because they are beaten? This will be a surprise to one helluva lot of Muslim women, that’s for damn sure.

Todd on March 17, 2008 at 01:58 pm

Oh, and this is just too obvious… but:

"Glad to see this girl put on donned a burka to show her solidarity with all the Muslim women who just love to wear them."

Gee.... isn’t it possible that she wore a niqab because… I don’t know… because she’s a Muslim?

rebel yell

Has anyone had trouble getting here from google??? I had to load Mozilla to get to anything related to this page.......
From google, even tho I typed in the entire url, I got all adverts?!
Guess I shouldn't be too amazed ...

SDS - an oldster like me LOVES to see that!

not my president

Noam Chomsky is emeritus professor of linguistics and philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is taken from Chomsky's Opinion piece in today's Age:


Thanks to the generosity of Jordan and Syria, the millions of refugees fleeing the wreckage of Iraq, including most of the professional classes, have not been simply wiped out. But that welcome is fading, for one reason because Jordan and Syria receive no meaningful support from the perpetrators of the crimes in Washington and London; the idea that they might admit these victims, beyond a trickle, is too outlandish to consider. Sectarian warfare has devastated Iraq. Baghdad and other areas have been subjected to brutal ethnic cleansing and left in the hands of warlords and militias, the primary thrust of the current counterinsurgency strategy developed by General David Petraeus, who won his fame by pacifying Mosul, now the scene of some of the most extreme violence.

Joltin' Django

I got news for the goofy-looking gal holding the "phallic-like weapons" sign:

Russ Feingold is a real man 'bout like Paris Hilton is a rocket scientist.

That said, the lead editorial in today's "Wall Street Journal" (www.opinionjournal.com) is more learned, more informed, and more sane than anything you anti-war nutbuckets have said and/or thinked in the last, oh, 36 months.

Idiots, the lot of you ...


We got a troll!


The trolls show up when we are having an impact.


KB, learn to read. That comment you attributed to me wasn't written by me.

As for "religious tolerance": I'm cool with every religion that doesn't want to kill me. I am under no obligation to be tolerant to religions such as Islam. Can you tolerant that opinion?

As for the Bush quote, it doesn't mean what you claim it does. No surprise there, eh?

Thanks for playing.

Not Tina

looks like liquidshoe was back


What the heck. I was supposedly quoted up above by KB. Just one problem: the words aren't mine.

I know I've corrected the record at this blog about those misquoted words before. The "Silenced Majority" is a wee-bit hypocritical.


Ahh, I see that I missed the "Next" link for the rest of the comments.


"Not Tina" - you're pretty observant! Good job. Maybe I can take a cue from you and notice the "Next" tab. Heh.


Why are wingnuts longing nostalgically for the past around Christmas?


The war isn't over. Coleen Rowley requested I attend an anti-war caroling event to video tape it for Youtube. I had a schedule conflict and was unable to attend, but I told her in my reply that just because Obama was elected, that doesn't mean we have a progressive agenda in place. The Wars are not over and neither is our work. I look forward to working with her in the future to achieve our progressive goals.

I don't think Liwidshoe's time is well spent defending Bush or his decisions.


It is always amusing when lying propagandists dissect and/or describe my words and actions.

Thank you Slugbug and Bert.

Just keep saying "Progressive" and maybe one day it won't mean regressive anymore.

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