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We have some very thoughtful people in Minnesota. Working together, I have hope for our future. State Senator Becky Lourey is a hero.


That really brings the war home, doesn't it?

Agreed. Becky is very, very brave. I admire her very much.


Thanks for taking the time for a comprehensive memorial and perspective on the fifth anniversary of the war, the (is it yet?) 4000 dead (from here) and the countless civilians - the strife and residuals which stretch out into the future and are immeasurable.

Now it's a Holy time for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions and a fat lot of good it does for everyone to fast, pray, etc.

Thousands upon thousands of years and it's all still happening. The Buddhists predicted it and Bush ignores what is happening in Tibet after touting religious freedom every time he goes to China. That's because Buddhists aren't Christians.

Anyway, getting a little tangential - have worked all day and need to get my blood sugar up with some dinner. I will look forward to reading through this again in awhile.


Thank you SO MUCH for documenting this event in such a personal way. It means so much to those of us who coordinated it to know that others were moved by the exhibit. Our biggest hope is that we won't have to do this again next year.


Now it's Saturday and I had time to read all of the speech.
Thanks again.


Thank you for posting this. If you missed Bill Moyer's Journal last night (3-21-08) check it out. It fits right in with this.



This was a very touching and moving story. It was a terrible thing with the destruction of Iraq's art and history. More that troubles me is the great loss of life and our many critically wounded for life Marines and Soldiers. This war has left a scar that will be here forever.

Thank you for putting this piece together and all of your hard work.

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