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US weapons Systems bought with my taxes

From the Independent:

Condi Rice said: "I am concerned about the humanitarian condition there and innocent people in Gaza being hurt. We have to remember that the Hamas activities are responsible for what has happened in Gaza."

Palestinians claimed the air strikes included the use of F16s and Apache helicopters.

not my president

Condi always talks like a Kindergarten teacher. & totally phony.

US made weapons Systems bought with my taxes

"An Israeli government minister warned yesterday that increasing rocket fire from Gaza would bring Palestinians a Shoah – the Hebrew word normally used to denote the Nazi Holocaust inflicted on Jews during the Second World War."


Was he quoted correctly? The Israeli government would inflict a Holocaust or genocide on the Palestinians? Was the lesson learned from the first Nazi Holocaust "kill the bastards before they kill you"? I thought the message was about speaking out against the forces of hate and bigotry and to not let the holocaust be repeated.

If that government minister is not fired, I will have lost all respect for the Israeli government.

US made weapons Systems bought with my taxes

From the Independent: The highly populated Gaza Strip is being invaded by Israel.

Under the most intense Israeli bombardment in years, the people of Gaza took cover on Saturday, some comforting children caught in the firing line, many saying the onslaught may bolster support for Israel's Hamas enemies.

"We are living in the middle of the battle zone. We wanted to flee the house but we've been trapped since last night," 21-year-old Rami Mohammed Ali said by telephone from his home in Jabalya town as explosions and gunfire thundered outside.

"Rockets and missiles are whistling by all the time and the building has been shaken by mines the Palestinians are setting off against the Israeli soldiers who are invading," he said.

"My little nephews have been crying the whole time."

The area, in the north of the Gaza Strip, has been at the heart of ground combat between Israeli troops and Islamist militants who have continued to fire rockets from around Jabalya into Israeli towns -- the reason Israel says it is attacking.

Mohammed Ali, who lives with his brother's family and sister, said: "We've had a dilemma over which room is safer. In the end we all squeezed into the inner hallway, like sardines."

It is an experience Israelis say has been shared by thousands of their citizens for months in border towns like Sderot and, since Hamas began using longer-range rockets, has now started to disrupt life in the city of Ashkelon.

Palestinians and critics of Israeli tactics say the response to random rocket fire that has killed three Israelis in a year -- the most recent on Wednesday -- is disproportionate.

In the past four days, 95 Gazans have been killed, dozens of them civilians, including children as young as six months. On Saturday alone, 30 civilians were among 60 people killed in the bloodiest day since a Palestinian uprising began in 2000.

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