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I love this post!

That cut out of the thick girl, she is great! I dig those funky boots.


What happened to Fat Freddy's cat and the fabulous furry freak brothers? I used to buy and read those comics in the early 1970s in San Francisco. I bet they would be worth a lot of money today. But they probably went to good use; someone probably used the pages for rolling papers. Nah, that wouldn't have worked, but you get the idea. No one was interested in saving anything for posterity. We were living for the day.

Parker Day Sidebottom

That wooden cut out painting on the bottom left used to belong to my dad, Bob Sidebottom. It was in the window of his store, the Comic Collector Shop, in San Jose, CA for many years (more like decades). It was sold (along with another cut out of a dog character) in the mid '90s through auction. It pains me that it's not still in the family so thank you for taking that photo. I haven't seen it since I was like 11 and too young to appreciate it!

DiAnne Grieser

That is so cool!!! I live for comments like that!!

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