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Not My President

Left these 2 comments at DCP - have had a drink I'll admit.
The lst is to an Australian who is confused about our voting system.


We don't understand the American voting system either.

I guess the Democrats changed the dates of the primaries in some states so they don't get to count the delegates.

& my son, who is a political science major, says that even if a Democrat got all the delegates at Super Tuesday, they still wouldn't have enough for the nomination.

According to what I've read, it could be undecided all the way up to the convention. If Edwards stays in the race, he could be a power broker by deciding who he'll give his delegates to.

We have Kangaroo courts, an inert or impotent Congress, an admitted ex-alcoholic president (who never went to treatment, but supposedly walked along the beach with evangelist Billy Graham, and was "saved," which a new book reveals was a LIE), & then we have a Banana Republic voting system (different in all 50 states) that allowed two stolen elections (aka "bloodless coups").

January 30, 2008 12:02 AM
not my president said:
Well, I went over to the Obama blog because I haven't really spent time at political blogs this time, and I'd worked so intimately with the Kerry blog in 2004. I wanted to know what was different this time.

What it is - it's not like our blog was or like the Dean blog was, because it's networked to the social networking sites rather than the local blogs. Technology has changed that much in just 4 years.

Not only that, there hasn't been a campaign in a long time with this kind of activation of young voters, including the Dean blog. I just saw the statistics. It is important to get out the vote of the young people.

Now people my age, they may vote for Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney or John McCain. I would vote for Hillary Clinton against Romney or John McCain, no problem.

I would also take the chance on a slightly younger Obama because of his intelligence and the guidance of someone like Ted Kennedy. I just watched the videos of Ted and Caroline Kennedy.

Granted I'm usually a little late, because I really don't watch tv, as I'm constantly saying but in today's America that is an anomaly. It took us 20 minutes to hook up a computer monitor in a fashion to serve as a tv last night.

I watched Bush for an hour and couldn't take it any more. I fashioned a drawing of him that is an amalgam - he's morphed with Beavis. I listened to NPR this morning and they fact-checked him. A bunch of bullshit came out of his oral sphincter last night.

As Greg Palast points out, his "Pell Grants" for youth are about enough to buy a $20 rock of crack cocaine, whereas the average rich person got a tax break of $338,000. It's a no-brainer that the tax cuts should not be extended any more to the top 1 percent.

Ben Cohen has updated his Oreo cookie illustration where he uses stacks of cookies to show the funding for the Pentagon vs child health care and similar. Imagine a stack of Oreos as tall as your ceiling. That's the Pentagon. The Oreos stacked for child health care - you would probably trip over them.

It's obscene.

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