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Ally McRepuke

It's a MAN, baby! Tranny whore!


Coulter saw the dead because it was a popular thing to do. She saw them in a bloody football stadium when it was a mass cultural phenomenon. In the early 70s the dead only played small venues and didn't sell tickets in advance. I would listen for an announcement about their concerts on kmpx in San Francisco and never managed to time it right.

One Halloween night KMPX played Dead music for 6 hours straight. I recorded it on a series of cassette tapes and was so glad that, even though I wasn't able to attend a concert, I had one I could play in my room.

KMPX, the original underground music radio station.


I was never a Deadhead. I saw them once and thought they sucked. I also went and just scored in the parking lot at a couple of their shows.

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