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Word From Pakistan

Thank you for including that photo of Patti Smith with Mapplethorpe!!

Good music choices - a couple of them I will have to look up.
Did enjoy the new Foo Fighters and Velvet Revolver this year, for rock,
and the new Underworld and the new Radiohead. Like the Hives, & their
cover of Paint it Black.

Changing the world vs waiting for the world to change - that's strange.
Just now at the Hawaiian Bar I heard this young guy with silver shoes going
around saying "Here's to a black man in the Oval Office."

Word From Pakistan

The last Snoop Dogg was really good.


Rock on, Kayak!!!!!!!!!!!


Go slugbug, go kayakbiker - thanks - great music - you made my day.

Greetings from Patti Smith


It's been a long time since I have sent a greeting, but it's funny, I
think of them all the time. I write them in my head as I am walking
about Paris and Lisbon or my own city streets. I silently wished
everyone a happy new year as I walked through Chinatown in the first
hours of the New Year. I was searching for a bowl of duck congee.
This is simple rice porridge with a bit of duck and garnish on top.
Unfortunately everyone was out of congee and I had to eat cold sesame
noodles instead.

All this brings to mind that we are entering the Chinese Year of the
Rat, officially beginning February 7. It signals a time for hard work
and renewal. We are counseled to reclaim and magnify our sense of
humor. We will need these attributes as we move through 2008. An
election year is always a time of change, of vigilance and self
examination. We have to be as sturdy and resilient as a rodent.

Those that have rat problems can always get a cat. Or consider that
in the Indian city of Deshnoke rats are revered. Those hanging about
the ancient temple Karni Mata are destined to be holy men. Eating
rice that has been nibbled by such a rat is considered a blessing.

Well, I didn't get my rice porridge, blessed or not. But I will try
again. Meanwhile for cold nights there is an excellent new
translation of War and Peace by Pevear and Volokhonsky. (Knopf). It's
hardly cold tonight so I may choose something lighter like Peter Pan
in Kensington Gardens. After I finish.

This time I didn't make a greeting in my head. I wrote it down and
send it off with all good wishes.

patti smith

Free Chat

I found this blog on a google search and boy am I glad I did. I thought I heard someone mention it in a free chat room.
Awesome read!

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