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It seems to me there's been somewhat of a news blackout on Iraq, ever since "the surge" started - suppression of negative news. Maybe I've just started to tune out more. I did see that fatalities for troops were at 3900 something, putting us closer to the 4000 mark. Anyone talking about it? Is it a "psychologically important" number as were 1000, 2000, 3000? What about wounded? IEDs? Most of what's been getting through my filters makes McCain "surge" and the lame duck keep squawking (as I see he's on the cover of Parade magazine, with his own summary of 2007). Maybe I'm just tuning out bad news around the holidays (but some things get through), just tired. Seriously, I have noticed a difference in coverage that seems disproportionate to what 40,000 extras placed anywhere could have sustained. Curious minds are wondering.

Google Iraq. & it looks like a "mixed day" as they say on Wall Street - violence down/attacks up, progress made/deadliest year etc.

Sunni forces targeted in Iraq
Suicide truck bomber kills nine in Iraq: police
No place in Iraq is safe, says US military
Bin Laden warns Sunni Arabs in Iraq to back Al Qaeda
2 Killed in Iraq Roadside Bomb
Suicide Bomber Kills 4 in Iraq
Three UK drugs firms investigated over alleged Iraq bribes
2007 is America's deadliest year in Iraq
Iraq Attacks Fall 60 Percent
Iraq violence drops to summer 2005 levels
Despite drop in violence, suicide bombings make comeback in Iraq
Despite Success, Iraq's Future Uncertain
Baghdad women defy extremists
2007 Deadliest for US Troops in Iraq.
Kurdish rebels in Iraq vow to carry out more attacks
Economy Nudging Iraq Aside As Issue
Six-Year-Old's Letter About Dead Father Was a Lie to Win Free Ticket
to Hannah Montana


You omitted my favorite Serj of 2007 - Serj Tankian.


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