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A Pen Warmed In Hell

Changing images sizes in Typepad is easy.

After you select the image you want using the "Insert Image" button then go to #2 and "Custom Settings":

Set Image Options
Select: X Use Custom Settings

Deselect: Create Thumbnail

Width Width:

Set the size you want here:

Create a larger or smaller version of your image to display in your post. Set the width in pixels or a percentage.

Deselect Popup Window because this frees the image and also makes it easy to create a link to any website you want


I was afraid if I enlarged it the resolution would still be poor.

The original that I saw was in Pacific magazine in hard copy and it was very good.

The jpg I got from the newspaper was lower resolution and I didn't think I'd dare.

I can try though & thanks.

I can not think of you without thinking of the Robert Palmer mannekin, unfortunately. LOL


Just looking - I normally do use the "custom" setting but I think this image was just too small.

What I would actually like to do is go out to Georgetown and see the actual house, photograph it.

I need to go back to something I drove by and didn't get a good look at. It really did look like George Bush's head in a guillotine.

& I saw a car with a "Cheney/Satan 2008" bumper sticker.

Headed to "Across the Universe" and then having a party impromptu.

By the way, do any of you know how I might back a "Jacko-lantern" - how would I get it accomplished? Would the features show up?
The pinched nose - the heavy permanent tatoo eye makeup - the Liz Taylor eyebrows - the little dimple in the chin. Is it possible? Or just draw it on. Or better transilluminated?

Opinions? Ideas? Help?


Ok I'm not going to talk any more about mannekins after this
but ask Bert if I don't have a major mannekin fetish. I will have to share a few of my mannekins. I don't mind.


I'm trying for the Dick Cheney Jack'o'lantern now, on one of those pasty white ones, like on the cover of the New Yorker.

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