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Ally McRepuke

Malkin is the ultimate proof that ethnic minorities are not automatically Democratic/progressive voters.

In fact, many Asians, awash in the "Model Minority" myth, mistakenly think of themselves as white equivalents, and appropriate the worst of the white supremacists' behavior.

Fortunately, Malkin doesn't represent the prevailing wisdom of the Filipino community. The Korean and Vietnamese communities are a different matter, however.

A Pen Warmed In Hell

It's time to call the traitorous Log Cabin Republicans and the Michelle Malkins of this world by their rightful name, which is what you call anybody that betrays their own kind, or people, for their own personal gain and enrichment...

They're KAPOS

As such they should be loudly and publicly reviled for being the vile, loathsome, and morally repugnant creatures that they are and called by that name, KAPO, that they have earned for themselves at each and every opportunity that presents itself.


not my president

Good morning Ally!
I knew that one would get a quick response!

Here in Seattle at least there are alot of radical Filipinos with bullhorns
heading off most antiwar & pro labor marches!! All ages!!


Mann Coulter just sent me her applause for IslamoFascist week on campuses and an offer for her free book, which is how she ever gets on the bestseller lists.

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