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Hot off the press from:
North Dakota

UNDATED (AP) Thousands of anti-war demonstrators have marched in several U.S. cities calling for an end to the Iraq war. One protester in New York said it was "none of our business" to change another country and called the mission "undoable" as well.


San Francisco link:




nice contribution. Thanks for representing a protest from another great city on our site. Although policy isn't changing yet because of these protests, at least persons in other parts of the world can see we are not suppporting pre-emptive war, torture, and that we have empathy for the civilian populations who are suffering and being murdered.

Ally McRepuke

Thanks for spreading the word about what happened in Los Angeles.

If only the greater Los Angeles community were as alert and well-informed as those who marched with me... Sadly, Los Angeles is apolitical at best, and has many reactionary pockets.

WIlliam Chan

I SINCERELY PRAY EVERYBODY will spread the news, and support this strike.
Longshoremen/Warehousemen Union Calls for National May Day Strike to Stop the War
MAYDAY! US Longshoremen 'Shut Her Down' WW Strike Call, May 1, 2008 - "No Work, No Peace Holiday"

ILWU calls for worldwide ‘No Peace, No Work Holiday’ to oppose US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan
5 March 2008

(Are The People finally starting to realize their last remaining right - the right to strike? May 1, May Day certainly seems like the appropriate day in more ways than one. I salute the International Longshoreman Membership for their courage, focus and activism. I join/support/respect the ILWU strike in a National MAYDAY to Save US in my own National Strike MAYDAY to Stop the War/Fixed Voting Day - Demand a 100% Secure Vote (the reason strikes are necessary - voting is fixed), or more simply a DRASTIC RETURN TO THE ENTIRE CONSTITUTION - THE BILL OF RIGHTS TO THE PEOPLE. On May 1, 2008, disinfranchised citizens* could/should respect the ILWU's strike to shut down the West Coast to have The People's voice heard and shut it all down (except emergency/vital activities).

Personally, I'm retired - so I can't be sick/schedule a day off/proclaim my patriotic duty/etc, but I will do my best to boycott every aspect of this government by boycotting financial transactions and protesting in a May Day MAYDAY to Support the ILWU's action to have The People's strength shown to a government that no longer needs to listen since voting/media information is fixed.)

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