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Can't they privatize the Diplomatic Corps?

Imagine Mercenary Diplomats. If a garden variety, gun toting Blackwater mercenary gets 2 grand per day, how much should a college educated mercenary diplomat be paid? 5 grand? Isn't that how the free market democracy works under Bush?

Greendem said "Let Starbucks do it"

They always seem diplomatic when I call a Vente a "small house coffee."


I was surprised to hear on NPR that Guantanamo is bigger than Manhattan!
Alot of the detainees there did nothing but were rounded up via the US offering $5000 bounties in Afghanistan and Pakistan. If you didn't like someone and wanted money, you could just say "I think he was lurking around Tora Bora."


Guantanamo is bigger than Manhattan! Wow, we learn something new everyday, don't we

Excellent post nmp

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