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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Police on Monday arrested dozens of protesters who blocked the doors and streets outside congressional buildings near the U.S. Capitol.

Nearly 60 were arrested on various charges, including unlawful assembly, said Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, spokeswoman for the U.S. Capitol police.

Police handcuffed a female protester dressed in a black pullover emblazoned with "Blackwater" and the U.S. security contractor's paw print symbol.

"Step back, a member of Blackwater is being arrested," one of the woman's fellow protesters shouted, while others chanted, "Arrest Bush."

Earlier, police had warned the protesters dressed in Blackwater gear, as well as others in military fatigues, not to block the doorway or they would be arrested. They sat on the steps pretending to hold weapons in their hands.

More than 100 people were protesting both the war in Iraq and U.S. policy on global warming. Some were dressed as polar bears and danced on the sidewalk, while others shouted, "No war" and "No warming."

Two protesters paraded through the streets outside the Capitol building, one wearing a large George W. Bush mask and a black-and-white prison outfit, while the other wore a Condoleezza Rice mask with an "Arrest Bush" T-shirt



thanks for the link! you guys have an awesome site and we've linked to you, as well. artandresistance is particularly in love with street art and visual resistance, so if you see any in your neck of the woods be sure to send it our way!


Thanks for the links. But this was not an IMF/World Bank event. It was a coalition of groups who came together for the day. They called it No War No Warming and Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Code Pink, Global Exchange, SDS and a bunch of others worked on it.


I heard that Bush wouldn't leave office until hell freezes over. Now with a new twist on that theme, he isn't leaving until the arctic melts. Polar bears in DC. What's next.

Do something about that nut case.


Reuters picked this up


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